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Permission Denied

If the installer is not executable, run the following command:

chmod +x ./installer

Check your credentials

This means that the installer tried to deploy the application and did not have sufficient permissions. Make sure you are running the installation program with a user bound to the cluster-admin Kubernetes role. To determine if your current user permissions have cluster-admin privileges, run the following command:

For Kubernetes based environments:

kubectl auth can-i '*' '*'

For Openshift based environments:

oc auth can-i '*' '*'

A response of “yes” means you have cluster-admin privileges and a response of “no” means you do not have cluster-admin privileges.


Reset Admin Password

If you have lost the administrator password, as a cluster-admin run the following command:

kubectl exec -it deploy/authentication -n sosivio -- /app resetadmin


Activation Key is Incorrect

If you receive the error "Oops! That wasn't an Activation Key. Make sure to follow the instructions and go to the Sosivio website to get one." then please try the following:

  • Ensure you are entering the proper alphanumeric activation key
  • Purchase an activation key from the Sosivio website

Activation Key Error

Error Messages

No information being displayed after install

After deploying Sosivio the information regarding the cluster can take up to 15 minutes to display.

I am still having an issue

Any other issues, please contact us at [email protected]