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Recommended Actions

The Command Center shows a list of recommended actions, which can be filtered by severity or by any of the other categories.

Command Center Filtering

The recommended actions tab displays the following information:

  • Severity: The level of severity of the issue (Warning, Urgent, Failure)
  • Entity: The name of the entity
  • What Happend/What Will Happen: A quick summary of the issue
  • Date/Time: The timestamp of when the event was last detected

For each issue, click Details to get more information including the root cause and the recommended fix which can be executed by clicking on Recommended Command and Approve Action.

Root Cause Determination

Each issue has the following information:

  • Root Cause: A description of the root cause that started a chain of events which ultimately led to the specific failure
  • Failure Indicators: A link that will display a list of the events that ultimately led to the failure or future failure
  • Recommendation: A recommendation on how to fix the root cause of the issue
  • Recommended Command: A button that will generate and display a command to fix the root cause of the issue

NOTE: Recommended Commands will not be implemented unless the user has Sosivio Admin Privileges and selects Approve Action.

Root Cause Fix

If you want to see the raw data, the entire sequence, or dig further into any individual event, you can click on See Details to view all of the “breadcrumbs” which revealed this problem to Sosivio.

Failure Indicators