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Live Metrics

Live Metrics is where you can access real time data on all of your Pods, Nodes, Namespaces, and other cluster components. Sosivio’s data collectors offer improved granularity, accuracy, and access to information generally hidden from operators, with minimal resource consumption.

KPI Usage is an overview of the cluster memory and CPU usage. It represents all requests for memory and CPU usage on the cluster and the aggregation of the limits set. With a quick glance you can see if your cluster is exceeding resource limits.

Use the user-friendly search bar to easily find any of your Pods, Nodes, or Namespaces. You can filter by a multitude of parameters or browse through all of the objects in your cluster using the table below.

Search Filters:

  • Namespace: Title of the Namespace(s)
  • Node: Name of the Node(s)
  • Status: Status of the Pod(s) or Node(s)
  • Name: Name of the Pod(s) or Node(s)
  • State: Active or inactive for the Pod(s) or Node(s)

Live Metrics