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License Page


The license page is where you can manage your licenses for Sosivio. See the My Licenses table for information related to a license:

  • Cluster Name: Name of the cluster in which Sosivio is installed
  • License Type: Type of license
  • Cores Purchased: The maximum allowable size of the cluster for the license. If you exceed this, you would need to purchases more cores under the same license
  • Cores Used: Cores being used for the current license
  • Start Date: Start date for the license
  • End Date: End date for the license
  • Status: Status of the license


I need a new license / my license has expired

When a license is expired or you need a new license, click on the I don't have an activation key button in order to initiate the license purchasing process.

This will prompt you to choose whether you want to:

  • Download your cluster information into a file and upload it to Sosivio website
  • Scan a QR code containing the cluster information and redirect you directly to Sosivio website (QR code can be used for up to 10 clusters, for more then 10 clusters please use the download file option)

I Dont Have an Activation Key

Once a license is purchased, you can navigate back to the license page and enter the activation key received from Sosivio.