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Disconnected Environment Installation

  • Download the offline installer here.
  • The offline installer pulls images for the required version from Sosivio's docker registry and puts them all in a single tar file, titled SosivioImages.tar.gz.

On a machine connected to the internet, run the following command to start the offline installer:

./ --pull
  • Copy SosivioImages.tar.gz to your disconnected environment along with the ./
  • In your disconnected environment run the following script:
./ --push

You will be asked to fill 2 parameters:

  • What is the registry name to push the images too
  • What is the registry path

After entering the correct credentials for the registry mentioned in the step above, the images will be uploaded to the path.

Follow the installation guide here and utilize your private registry when asked for the location of the docker repository from the installer.