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Application Profiling

Application Profiling provides a clear view of current resource consumption and fully automates recommendations for applications that are deployed inside your Kubernetes environments. From either the start of the lifecycle of your application (if Sosivio is running) or the installation of Sosivio, application profiling automatically starts to collect and analyze resource consumption. After 10 minutes of collecting and analyzing data, resource request and limit recomendations are generated and can be executed with a click of a button.

Application Profiling


  • Status: A button that leads to the recommended action table with the relevant recommandation.
  • Namespace: The namespace the application is in.
  • App Name: The name of the application.
  • Type: Controller type - Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, ReplicaSet, etc.
  • Resource Status: The status of the resources - No Limits, Under Allocated, Over Allocated, OK, or Processing.
  • Percentage Deployed: The percentage of total running pods for the application.

Non-Cloud Native applications

Applications that are not optimized for Cloud Native architectures will have a warning sign to indicate that.

Restart Profiling

Each application can be reset by selecting it and clicking on the Restart Profiling button. This resets the application profiling metrics and will start to calculate the information from scratch. New or reset applications will take around 10 minutes to show any results.

Application Profiling